We are one of the fastest growing broadband service provider..!!

Serving various Corporate dealing in software, call centers, BPO's etc with very high processing power from IBM class servers and Cisco Routing Platforms to help our customers run their business smoothly.

AirWir Internet Services is a service providers serviing the customers from in 2009 which had initially launched its operation in the name of SV Networks in 2005 & we are the only company having its connectivity through all means of connectivity Modem, LAN, DSL & now wireless.

We Enjoy long – term and trusted business relationship with major telecom and broadband service providers of India like, VSNL, Bharti, TATA, DSL, SIFY, Spectra net etc.

History of AirWir

History: from 2005 to date

  • Founded in 2005, AirWir has since made its mark in the telecommunication with new ideas, Innovative products like Broadband, the fastest Internet and attractive fixed network offerings and world class services Below is are the details of the AirWir and its break through from 1995 to date.

  • 2005-2009 Major changes and innovative products and services

  • AirWir perviously known as SV Networks Started with a Bandwidth of just 64Mbps with just 10 customers, providing connectivity with copper wire switched to fiber.

  • 2009-2013 Introduction of Wireless Networks

  • SV Networks in the year 2009 has changed and incorporated its name to AirWir and have acheived serveral customers and started providing connectivity with all three possible sources fiber optics, copper and wireless..

Management of AirWir


In parallel with our growth strategy, the executive management team continues to drive our transition to a market-focused company whilst retaining our strong service base. Each member of the team brings a strength and focus that together, create a unique opportunity for success moving forward.

Saravanana - CEO

Saravanana is the current CEO of the AirWir with 20 years of experience in the field of Internet Service providing.

Services offered by AirWir

Broadband for Home

Internet for small business

Leased Lines for Companies

IT Infrastructure Management

VOIP Services

Online Branding

AirWir Future

FEB, 2017

Target for 2017

AirWir has trageted to acheive 5000 broadband customers and 200 premium corporate customers by the end of 2017

FEB, 2017

Service expansion to rural areas of Bangalore

AirWir has initiated the work to increased the connectivity to all the rural areas of Bangalore and planned to start operations in 5 regions by January 2017.

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